Located in Seattle, Washington enjoying the beauty of the nature the pacific northwest has to offer in the middle a booming technological economy.

The answer is 42.

“The ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything is: 42.” –┬áThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

SLTN42 is an online marketing company in the center big companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook in Seattle, Washington.

We’re fans of culture, food, and lovers of life. You can never have too many dogs or delicious morning expressos. The sound of the rain hitting the glass as the office warms up in the chilly morning, are moments to enjoy and cherish.

We infuse love, care, and passion into everything we do. From building our community to creating everlasting relationships with our neighbors, taking care of each other is at the center of how we do business.

Actions are louder than words

They’re at the center of everything we do


We’re only as good as our weakest link. That’s why we focus on strengthening our skills to stay sharp with our deliverables.


The number of options we have have never been greater than they are today. We’re laser focused, and we’ll put a ring on it right away.


That’s probably why we’re great at what we do. Nothing bugs us more than seeing precious and valuable time being mismanaged. Streamlined and efficient operations are key!


Go big or go home. Make a wave and a splash. Be so good at what you do that history will continue to talk about it.


Most important of anything is love. Put love being everything that you do. It’ll make your glow shine to its maximum capacity.

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