Fundamentals of Online Public Relations & What It Means To Your Business

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Online Public Relations

Online Public Relations is about influencing people through storytelling and features rather than advertising. If used successfully, your PR efforts can land you exposure in popular blogs, newspapers, magazines, and even viral on social media.

It’s about influencing your target customers and while bringing awareness to your brand. PR also helps educate your audience about your brand values and passions you hold dear. Because this form of PR is digital, your feature or article will stay on the internet for years, not thrown into a landfill a few months later.


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How does it work?

Online PR works very much like traditional PR. It’s about influencing those who are in the positions to cover your story and publish the article in wide circulated platforms. Best practice is to pitch a story and not an idea. We all have ideas. Writers already have hundreds of ideas, but they need real concrete human touch-felt stories.

Online PR also doesn’t have to be expensive. If you take the due diligence to find top influencers and bloggers, it’s probable you’ll receive a better turnout than seeking for attention solely from larger online platforms.


Why is it important?

Businesses don’t say in business with a bad reputation. PR is all about building a positive image amongst consumers in the community and differentiate yourself from the competition. Establishing credibility, bringing awareness, and capturing the attention of new customers are some results online PR is quick to garnish for your business. Not to mention SEO-optimized PR campaigns online will stick along for a while generating new customers throughout time.

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Who uses Online Public Relations?

Online public relations is used by companies who need a boost in reputation or awareness. Big brands pump big money into making a difference in the world where it matches their core values. This is how big brands get involved in the public relations game, but what about the little guy? Small businesses can shine through niche networks, online communities, and local publications that have a more direct audience.

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When should I get started ?

It can feel like you’re just pumping money into the air when it comes to PR. Starting online PR is best when it compliments an existing and active marketing strategy. However, if you have a great story that you know people will share, a journalist is likely to pick up your story and write about it. To boost your SEO, an online PR campaign with SEO in mind is a great way to get the results you may be looking for.

How to get started?

First, we need to complete a digital evaluation for your business. Click here to get started on your digital evaluation. Then, let’s evaluate what your goals really are, and what they mean in terms of online public relations. We’ll setup a concrete battle plan to achieve said goals and track its performance to better report your ROI.