Email Marketing Basics and How They Can Help Your Business Grow

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email marketing

Email marketing is my personal favorite tactic to do marketing. Why? Good email marketing is effective and drives results. It’s a learned practice, and with enough studying you too can get your emails to be opened and responded to quicker.

What is email marketing?

Direct marketing comes in many forms and email marketing is one of them. It is a means of communicating messages to an audience.

What does it do?

Email marketing delivers communications that can be educational, informational, or commercial in its nature to built databases. It’s an easy way to get the word out to a lot of people.

How does email marketing work?

First you have to build your audience. While there are methods to buying email addresses, that’s typically frowned upon and doesn’t provide any real effective results. You’ll need to pick an email campaign client to help you get setup for you to send out your first round of messages. Email campaign clients track all the activity with your communication from how many people opened it, to how many people’s emails bounced, and how many people actually engaged with the content your delivered. Email marketing is constantly building your list.

Why is it important to me?

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing tools out there. Building an email database is a crucial part of any marketing campaign because it’s an extremely easy and effective way to get into the inbox of interested customers. Most businesses do not have an active email list.

Who uses email marketing?

Email marketing is used largely by internet and tech companies. Big brands are quick to use direct email marketing as they very well understand it’s a proper investment. Slowly you’re seeing brick and mortar stores and restaurants adapt their use of email marketing.

When should I get started?

Getting started with email marketing is a simple thing to do. You really just need to optimize your digital sales funnel to help you capture more emails. It’s also important to drum up an email marketing campaign filled with very interesting ways to captivate and engage your audience.

Examples of email marketing:

Charity Water




How do I get started?

Getting started is pretty simple. First, we need to complete a digital evaluation for your business. Click here to get started on your digital evaluation. Let’s get a digital evaluation done for your business to determine where you stand amongst your competition and the rest of the world. Then, let’s evaluate what your goals really are, and what they mean in terms of Email Marketing. We’ll setup a concrete battle plan to achieve said goals and track its performance to better report your ROI.