Fundamentals of SEO & Why It Matters to Your Business Now More Than Ever

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search engine optimization

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.” (MOZ)

Search Engine Optimization helps you come up in search results as a relevant result through organic results. By sending bot crawlers into the world wide web, search engines bring back information to index in servers which then get matched up to your search query.

Why is it important to my business?

SEO produces organic search results, which is free advertising in the long term. While there may still be some funds necessary to get started, and remaining active online is also important, SEO ensures you’ll be considered an option on the keywords for your business.  About 47% of people use ad blockers in their systems , in which paid advertising will not work. With the help of SEO, your business will still come up organically through search results.

Who uses SEO?

Most companies are now using some sort of search engine optimization tools and techniques. This is why it’s important to have your SEO as compliant to search engines as possible. It’s hard to stand out in all the noise.

When should I use SEO?

Immediately. If you’re not incorporating SEO into your marketing plan, you’re falling behind far and fast. SEO is not an overnight miracle. It’s a long term marathon, and while other brands may whittle out, you stand to capture their market share with your SEO.

Examples of SEO:

Ballard Pizza Co

These guys pop up number three when I search for pizza. They have a great number of comments, so I’m easily attracted to that. Now check out the great display of headings on the home page. This is great SEO.


 8oz. Burger & Co

These guys are doing a better job than their counterparts on the burger search. Although they don’t have the most comments, they do show up first. Why is that? Easy, check out the websites of all the businesses that popped up. 8oz. Burger & Co has the best landing page to capture more paying customers.


How do I get started with SEO?

First, we need to complete a digital evaluation for your business. Click here to get started on your digital evaluation. Then, let’s evaluate what your goals really are, and what they mean in terms of Search Engine Optimization. We’ll setup a concrete battle plan to achieve said goals and track its performance to better report your ROI.