Text Message Marketing Fundamentals & How It Can Help Your Business

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text message marketing

You know those things people spend most of their lives at now a days. You know those devices that keep getting in the way when we drive, walk, eat, and socialize? I’m talking of course of mobile phones! They can be a great way to get the attention of a customer through text message marketing.

What is text message marketing?

Text message marketing is the practice of marketing to customer via their mobile phones. With 98% of the population having access to some sort of a mobile phone, it’s an opportunity waiting to be grasped by most businesses. (EzTexting)

What does it do?

With text message marketing it’s easy to deliver special promotions and offers to customers direct to their pocket. This prompts the customer to take action before the special expires or runs out.

How does it work?

Directly sending text messages into someones phone takes a little bit of legwork. You need to determine what platform to use as a service to send out a mass text message to hundreds or thousands of phone numbers. You can setup campaigns that send out coupons and offers automatically. All you need to do is maintain and manage.

Why is text message marketing important to me?

It’s a unique way to reach clients directly. It’s very popular amongst restaurants and even dentists. It’s an easy way to send a direct and clear offer to your existing customer base. Who doesn’t want an extra bump in sales at the end of the quarter?

Who uses text message marketing?

Used by several businesses, text message marketing is quickly grasping new attention. Verizon is very popular about marketing offers to its clients promoting extra data and opportunities. Have you ever signed up for a reservation at a restaurant to later receive a special coupon invitation? What about a hair salon? The more and more you look and pay attention businesses are quickly adapting this technology to help their marketing strategy.

When should I get started?

Getting setup with text message marketing is pretty simple. All you need to do is determine if it’s a good fit for your business type. Other than that, we recommend using it right away. You want as many ways to get a hold of your client, and this is one of the best. What else lets you message directly to an existing customer?

Examples of text message marketing:

American Eagle Outfitters




How do I get started?

Getting started is pretty simple. First, we need to complete a digital evaluation for your business. Click here to get started on your digital evaluation. Let’s get a digital evaluation done for your business to determine where you stand amongst your competition and the rest of the world. Then, let’s evaluate what your goals really are, and what they mean in terms of text message marketing. We’ll setup a concrete battle plan to achieve said goals and track its performance to better report your ROI.